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The CR:261S Sound Level Meter is usually supplied as part of the CK:261S Vehicle Noise Measurement Kit.
Containing the Sound Level Meter and a full range of accessories, the CK:261S Kit is the ideal tool for the measurement of noise according to ISO 5130:2007 and ยง29 StVZO. The CK:261S Measurement Kit contains the following items:

> CR:261S Class 1 Vehicle Noise Sound Level Meter
> CR:515 Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator
> UA:237 Windshield CK:260 Carrying Case
> ZL:261S Remote Control (5m)
> User Manual & Certificates of Calibration
> Tape Measure & Positioning Template Tripod

The CK:261S can also be specified with the CR:511F Acoustic Calibrator and the CR:590 Reference Barometer which carry PTB Type Approval to IEC 60942:1988.

The measurement kit includes a tripod to allow the microphone to be positioned at the correct height along with an alignment tool to position the microphone at the correct angle to the exhaust.

A tape measure is also provided to ensure that the vehicle under test is positioned away from objects as specified by ISO 5130:2007.

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